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We make it easier for you to discover, create and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

Few things in life are as special as truly good coffee. The freshness. The flavour. The aroma. The uplifting sense of pure satisfaction and joy. Truly good coffee inspires, connects and confirms there are good things in the world after all.

At the Roasting Depot, we love our coffee. And we’re dedicated to sharing this love with as many people as possible. Our mission is to help you discover exactly what you need to experience and appreciate your perfect cup of coffee, in the most effortlessly convenient way possible.

We want to welcome you into our coffee community. It’s a fun, inclusive world of stories, facts and practical tips where you can learn to bring out your inner coffee connoisseur. A place where you can have a two-way conversation about coffee and your personal tastes. A place where you can discover your perfect cup of coffee.

Michael D’Uva & Jaryd Revere, Founders