Buzzing into February with Humblebee Coffee!

For February 2017 our coffee lovers are enjoying some of Humblebee Coffee’s signature varieties.

Humblebee Coffee is an independently owned Perth coffee roaster and coffee bar that supplies freshly roasted seasonal coffees to the public, and select cafes and businesses.

Inspired by his travels through Scandinavia and San Francisco, Zach Huynh founded Humblebee in 2012 using the proceeds from the sale of his first coffee venture, Subiaco’s Spring Espresso.

“After three years in Subiaco, my curious nature and yearning for more got the better of me,” says Zach. “I was inspired by the concept of the roastery café that I had experienced during my travels. At the time, a café roasting its own coffee in Perth was all but unheard of. It was another challenge on my specialty coffee journey.”

Humblebee Coffee

Humblebee’s minimal – but very popular – coffee bar is open Monday to Saturday. Coffee is very much the focus, with just a few pastries and delicious mini-donuts available to accompany your brew.

The roasting takes place in the room directly next door, so you can watch the magic happen while you enjoy your coffee.

Humblebee Coffee

Our filter coffee and espresso lovers have received Humblebee’s Kenta A variety from Papua New Guinea. 

Kenta Village is nestled in the untouched rainforest habitat at the foothills of Mount Ambra. Located about 25 kilometres from Mount Hagen town in the Western Highlands Province and 1,800 metres above sea level, the area is ideally suited to growing premium quality Arabica coffee.

The Kenta A PNG filter is characterised by raw sugar sweetness, raisin, peach, melon and a buttery mouthfeel. The Kenta A PNG espresso has notes of raisin, caramel, rum, rounded acidity and a buttery body.

Humblebee Coffee

Humblebee’s signature Coogee Street Blend is perfect for milk-based coffees.

This sweet and syrupy blend has been the staple of Humblebee’s line-up since the beginning and showcases specific farms, varietal and processing methods. It’s designed to mix elegantly with milk and delivers a refined espresso.

Currently including components from Colombia, Indonesia and Brazil, the ingredients of the blend change based upon seasonality, yet the flavour profile remains the same.

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Humblebee Coffee

We asked Zach about a few of his favourite things, coffee and otherwise…

Favourite coffee in Humblebee’s current line up and why?

Tough one! Currently enjoying the PNG Kenta A as espresso.

Favourite brewing method for making coffee at home and why?

I usually make filter coffee at home. Currently I use the Aeropress a lot. Why? because it is simple, consistent and makes a delicious brew!

Humblebee Coffee

Favourite movie?

I love movies so it’s hard to pinpoint but I’ll give you one – Donnie Darko.

Favourite musician?

It’s hard to pick a favourite. I often revert to listening to James Mercer from The Shins.

Favourite place in Perth for a beer and why?

I don’t drink alcohol anymore! But I used to frequent the Mechanics Institute for the atmosphere, and they would usually have some decent IPAs on offer.

Humblebee Coffee
77 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn
Mon-Sat 6:30am – 2:30pm

Sun: closed
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